This privacy notice is valid starting June 1st, 2022. This application-specific privacy notice accompanies Barona’s privacy notice, which can be found here.

Purpose and scope of data processing

A video surveillance system is used in Barona’s offices, buildings and outdoor areas to ensure order and safety, and to investigate claims, damage or accidents, thefts or other harmful activities in Barona’s offices, properties and outdoor areas.

The system records video images of people who move or stay in the outer areas of the premises, inside the warehouses, in other internal spaces of the property staff or in the area of access-controlled doors, gates or similar passageways.

The filmed persons are informed by notices displayed at the surveyed locations. Video surveillance is not targeted at individual employees or workstations used by employees. Video surveillance only occurs in areas where an individual would reasonably expect such activity.

Data transfers and disclosures

Personal data can be disclosed to the Police or another authority if legislation so requires. Personal data can also be disclosed to companies belonging to the Bravedo group in order to present legal claims or for an insurance compensation process in an injury case.

Barona uses external service providers in the processing of personal data, for example in IT maintenance and development and security control tasks. These service providers process personal data on behalf of Barona, and the processing is based on a written contract valid at the given time.

Personal data retention times

Video recordings are retained for a maximum of three months. However, personal data can be retained longer in a specific case if an authority or an insurance company requests so.