Beamery privacy notice

This privacy notice is valid starting from March 1st, 2022. This application specific privacy notice is an addition to Barona’s privacy notice, which can be read here.

Talent Community is a talent management service, which is used to enable career development and employee mobility. The application is used for creating a community of professionals with whom relevant content may be shared related to trainings, industry recruitment news and Barona as a company. The data controller may also seek fitting candidates from the Talent Community for recruitment assignments. The purpose of the data processing is to create a community of professionals, offer them current and interesting content as well as eligible recruitment opportunities. Personal data is also collected to keep the professional profiles up to date and to develop the service.

The categories of personal data processed in the service may include the following:

  • Basic information and contact information
    • Name, email, phone number, address, current employer, title
  • Information regarding work experience
    • Previous roles, job application, CV, skills, other career related information shared by the professional
  • Communication related to the Talent Community
    • Communication between Barona and the professional, notes made regarding the professional

Personal data is processed in the service according to the following:

  • The data controller may collect personal data based on the professional’s consent
  • The professional may be a member in the Talent Community, meaning that they can be contacted in relation to a fitting recruitment opportunity
  • The professional may also subscribe to the newsletter, meaning that they will be sent relevant content regularly
  • The professional may at any time request for the removal of their personal data or unsubscribe from the newsletter

The personal data is retained as long as it is necessary for the purpose of data processing or until the professional requests for the removal of their personal data. The personal data of inactive members is deleted annually. Regarding the newsletter, personal data is retained as long as the professional subscribes to the newsletter.

Updated 22.6.2022